Our first month

We’ve finished our first month of homeschooling at the Pre-K4 level.  In some ways, I feel like I’ve learned more this month than C has.  In the beginning, I had every minute planned out and loads of crafts.  I got a lot of pushing back about doing what he wants to do.  I reminded him that he could go out to preschool and I could go to work.  I felt guilty for that but I knew that’s not what he wants.  He has said that he wants to “do school at home with mommy”.  So, I experimented with my very rigid schedule.  What works best for us is to have a loose schedule led by C’s interests.  Now that he is accustomed to our school schedule, I can introduce him to new materials in the art cart, a new book that I’ve found that I think he would like or a new puzzle or craft activity.  I let him choose his free play activities, but I WILL introduce new activities that he may not know were there.  And I find that he now adds some of those introduced activities to his play plan.  While he started the month only wanting to play in the kitchen and with playdough every day, he now wants to do 4-5 activities when we make a play plan.  We plan, do and review everyday.  And I’m finding that I need to do the same. 

I count our first month as a success because every day (even the weekends) C wakes up and asks if we are going to “do school.”  He loves it and I am so grateful.


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