Zoo School: Amphibians

Today we visited the Audubon Aquarium for their homeschool class.  C learned about amphibians, which is my favorite subject!  The students learned the characteristics of amphibians, the adaptations of amphibians and threats to their survival.  They played a salamander board game which demonstrated habitat destruction, predation and other obstacles.  They even met a few amphibians.

The Cane Toad (“Sandy”) held by Fernando is an example of an invasive species introduced in Australia to control the cane beetle population.  They have overpopulated the country as they have no natural predators there.  They have poison glands, which are very helpful in deterring potential predators.  There is no evidence that they have helped control the beetle population.    An Axolotl aka “River Monster” retain their gills as adults and never undergo metamorphosis.  They spend their lives in water.  They are native of Mexican lakes but breed well in captivity.

The amphibian below is a tiger salamander.  They got the name not due to their tiger-like strikes but for their voracious appetites.  Their range does not extend to our area, unfortunately.  After class, we roamed the aquarium looking at tadpoles and several other frog species.  We also saw leafy sea dragons, sea horses and a dwarf cuttlefish.

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