A little review

So, I never did post about our pre-Kindergarten review.  Here it is – albeit really late.  We made a homeschool photo journal with C’s favorite activities.  I categorized the photos as Sensory, Art, Pretend Play, Outdoor Activities, Cooking, Reading, Games and Field Trips.  C provided captions for each of the photos.  I learned a lot about what inspires C to learn.  Many of his favorite activities weren’t the things that I had planned.  They were opportunities for learning that just presented themselves spontaneously.

Favorite Sensory Activity: Playing with Moon Dough

Favorite Art Project: Making animals with playdough

Favorite Pretend Play Activity: Playing pirates & playing snow ball fight

Fave Outdoor Activity: burying Piglet in the sandbox, flying a kite

Fave Cooking Project: Making the O Monster (Rice Krispy treats with Cheerios & orange marshmallows)

Fave Book: Hug me by Simona Ciraolo

Fave Game: Halloween Countdown & Color matching game with The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers

Fave Field Trip:  Kidding Around Yoga with Bella

Based on his choices, I decided that kindergarten would involve a lot more active learning.  C has never been interested in worksheets.  After this review, I decided that we would not go the way of the worksheet.  We started a neighborhood co-op, joined weekly P.E. classes and attend field trips at least once a week.

So far, kindergarten has been great!  My approach has been a little more structured than last year but still play-based.  More on that later.


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