King cake

Today, we learned how to make a king cake!  We learned about the symbolism of the colors – green for faith, yellow for power & purple for justice.  I grew up thinking that the purple was for royalty.  Anyway, it turned out great.  C was excited to hide the baby & made sure to get that piece for himself.  

C measured the flour, spread the filling & decorated with icing.  We also made cinnamon rolls so he helped with those, too!   
I modified my late father-in-law’s bread machine recipe for Cinnabons.  He would have loved this cake (tube frosting and all).  Boo Boo says he considered any food in packets or tubes “space man food” and, therefore, the coolest thing ever!  The cake was a big hit with C!


Back to School

After a 2 week break for the holidays, it was our first day back to the school routine today.  C was enthusiastic & I was relieved.  He fully embraced the holiday, often reminding family members that it was a holiday & he could choose to do whatever he wanted.  

Anyway, we read this great book & I couldn’t wait to write about it.  It is called Grandfather Tang’s Story by Ann Tompert.  It uses tangrams to tell the story so we brought out our Spielgaben set & made the animals as we read through the story.  We talked about 2 & 3 dimensional images, different types of shapes and made our own interpretations of the animals in the story.  We talked about the friends in the story & how they treated each other.   The best part of this book was the storytelling it inspired in our house afterward.   I wish that I remembered where I read about this book!  

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