Back to School

After a 2 week break for the holidays, it was our first day back to the school routine today.  C was enthusiastic & I was relieved.  He fully embraced the holiday, often reminding family members that it was a holiday & he could choose to do whatever he wanted.  

Anyway, we read this great book & I couldn’t wait to write about it.  It is called Grandfather Tang’s Story by Ann Tompert.  It uses tangrams to tell the story so we brought out our Spielgaben set & made the animals as we read through the story.  We talked about 2 & 3 dimensional images, different types of shapes and made our own interpretations of the animals in the story.  We talked about the friends in the story & how they treated each other.   The best part of this book was the storytelling it inspired in our house afterward.   I wish that I remembered where I read about this book!  

  #kindergartenlessons #kindermath #childrensbooks #tangrams #spielgaben 


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