LEGO Parade

Today we learned ordinal number while lining up LEGO floats for his parade.  


Scissor-skills fish

A friend posted this video about making a moving fish on Facebook recently.  I thought this would be a wonderful activity to build scissor skills and we tried it this week.  C loved it and wanted to color his fish when we were finished with the activity, which was challenging but he did it.  Our fish:  

Link to instructions:


Some days we get nothing done.  We start the day running to appointments and errands and end it with the realization that we haven’t done any schoolwork.  And I worry that we haven’t done enough.  This week, we had one of those days.  C had randomly decided that he needed to wear a suit to our countless errands because we wants to be famous. We talk about what famous means and why people are famous.  We talk about how you should set a good example to others if you’re famous.  He simultaneously wants to be a secret agent and isn’t ready to meld the fact that “secret” & “fame” might not go hand in hand.  Anyway, I get a call from my mom after this long day and explain to her that we have done nothing all day. 

She says, “That’s not true.  Today you built his confidence.”  Thank you, Mom, for building mine.  

First Day of School

C was excited about starting school today.  He has been asking for weeks when we would start.  The early arrival of “Sissy” meant postponing the first day for a few weeks.  

We started with circle time.  We sang “Today is Monday” & made up our own song with C’s favorite foods.  We sang the months of the year song & talked about September.  We acted out a story with his stuffed animals. He reviewed letters with a salt tray & drew some pictures as well of course.  This afternoon, we studied the phases of the moon and read “The Moon seems to Change.”  He created the phases with Oreos (some were eaten, of course).  We also used a flashlight to show how the sun’s rays illuminate the moon in its different positions.   


Earth Science

We explored the layers of the Earth with playdough.  We also read Planet Earth, Inside Out by Gail Gibbons.  It was a little long for the attention span of a 6 year old but was interesting.  It would have been better to split into 2 parts.  The second half covers volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis, which would make for a good second lesson.  
This is the link that I used for the playdough activity:

Simple Machines

We have been easing back into our routine in preparation for school next month.  We read this book and made several machines with LEGOs.  It was a lot of fun to look at other LEGO creations and make our own to go with C’s hotel and playground. 

 Simple lever – seesaw

We used a pulley to get more people to his LEGO hotel.  

Complete Works of Beatrix Potter   

  We began reading the Complete Works of Beatrix Potter yesterday.  I have tried so many times but C was never interested.  A friend reminded me that there is a story about a little dog & cat, which is perfect because C loves dogs!  He loved the story of Duchess and the patty-pan and can’t wait to hear about Jeremy Fischer (loves frogs, too).  Yay!


We are so excited that our friends have shared some of their little pond-dwellers with us!  We think they will be Gulf Coast toads but we are looking forward to watching them develop!  Thank you, Bridget & August! 


King cake

Today, we learned how to make a king cake!  We learned about the symbolism of the colors – green for faith, yellow for power & purple for justice.  I grew up thinking that the purple was for royalty.  Anyway, it turned out great.  C was excited to hide the baby & made sure to get that piece for himself.  

C measured the flour, spread the filling & decorated with icing.  We also made cinnamon rolls so he helped with those, too!   
I modified my late father-in-law’s bread machine recipe for Cinnabons.  He would have loved this cake (tube frosting and all).  Boo Boo says he considered any food in packets or tubes “space man food” and, therefore, the coolest thing ever!  The cake was a big hit with C!