Field trip Fridays: AgMagic

Today we visited Docville Farm for AgMagic.  We learned about crops grown in Louisiana. We also learned about native animals, natural mosquito controls, and environmental responsibility.  




Zoo school: Sleepy Sharks

This was our last zoo school for this school year.  It was held at the aquarium and the theme was sharks!  C learned the differences between fish and sharks, touched shark skin (denticles), and cartilage before he fell asleep!  He missed the food chain game but woke it time to see the Sharks in the big tank.  


Shark discussion


My sleepy shark


   Shark tank

Did you know that the liver of a shark makes up about a quarter of its body weight & is filled with oil which helps it float? 

Field Trip Friday: Country Girl Creamery

Today we toured Country Girl Creamery in Lumberton, Mississippi.  It is a working dairy farm with over 100 head of cattle, mostly Jersey cows.  C fed the calves by bottle. 


Then, we toured the area where cheese processing and pasteurization takes place.  


They showed how cheese waxing is done and talked about the aging process.  

Next, we saw the milking process.  


Next, we took a tractor ride to the pasture to see the cows grazing.  


We enjoyed lunch at the farm with farm-fresh grilled cheese, an apple and chocolate milk straight from the farm!


We bought lots of meat, milk & cheese, too!



Zoo School: Rainforests

Tuesday was our last day of school at the Zoo.  We have one more meeting at the aquarium next week.  This week, zoo educators discussed the layers of rainforest: forest floor, understory, and canopy. The kids met some rainforest dwellers: Madagascar hissing cockroach, red-footed tortoise and guinea pig. Then, the kids broke into groups and explored skulls of different animals.  

I do not want to touch the cockroach, Fernando.

We did touch this one!


did you know that sailors used to keep guinea pugs on board ships as a source of food?


C loved being on the team with the big boys. They had a sloth skull!