Some days we get nothing done.  We start the day running to appointments and errands and end it with the realization that we haven’t done any schoolwork.  And I worry that we haven’t done enough.  This week, we had one of those days.  C had randomly decided that he needed to wear a suit to our countless errands because we wants to be famous. We talk about what famous means and why people are famous.  We talk about how you should set a good example to others if you’re famous.  He simultaneously wants to be a secret agent and isn’t ready to meld the fact that “secret” & “fame” might not go hand in hand.  Anyway, I get a call from my mom after this long day and explain to her that we have done nothing all day. 

She says, “That’s not true.  Today you built his confidence.”  Thank you, Mom, for building mine.  


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