We celebrated Michaelmas by reading George and the Dragon & The Knight & the Dragon.  We made shields out of cardboard and decorated them with the things (aliens) the little man thought would scare dragons away.  We tried to make dragon bread but it we a flop.  We talked about bravery, courage & our fears.  The little man has some pretty logical fears like monsters, sharks & lions; while I have a fear of cockroaches.   



Halloween Countdown

We made this Halloween countdown board this morning.  Just 20 more days!  I cut out 20 cardstock circles & covered them with foil & the little man added Hershey’s kisses & stickers to decorate our spooky scene.  I later added stickers behind each of the silver witch “hats.”  We numbered each of the hats so that we can count down the days.  It was fun & a good math lesson!